Thursday, November 16, 2017

Country Sunshine Version #2

Hello Everyone,
In between naps and reading by the fire, I spent a fair bit of time in my cozy sewing nook and worked on a new version of Country Sunshine.  I LOVE the rust and teal together.

It all begins with the fabrics......Crystal Farm by Laundry Basket Quilts.  I'm using the bottom half of the stack.  Most likely the top half will end up pieced together for a backing.

I'm pattern testing as I go by following my cutting directions and placing the pieces on my block layout sheet. First I make a few components, in this case I made four flying geese and four double flying geese and placed them on the layout.  I get a good feel for how this block is going to come together.  I know what you are thinking right about now.  I can hear you thinking out load about how many pieces it takes to make this block.  But, the end result is a beautiful block that looks much more intricate than it really is.

Here are a couple of close ups of some of the blocks.

The blocks will be on point when sewn into the quilt.  This will completely change the dynamics.

This is my reward for the past few days of quilting.  By focusing on the darker side of the palette, I think this quilt is going to be perfect for Fall.

This is the original Country Sunshine in Rachael Remembered fabrics.  It still needs to be quilted.  I can blame our move to the mountains on the fact that this quilt still isn't finished.......nor the pattern.

I'm feeling much better this morning.  The tea, chicken soup, quilting, and rest is just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Patchwork Math Workshop

Hello Everyone,
This is a picture of a fun group of quilters from the Pine Tree Quilt Guild in Grass Valley, CA.  We are in front of the best design wall EVER!  It was a room divider which we converted to a design wall.

Once the girls made some of the components, they started to play.

They were a great group of women.

Each of them went home with a pile of components and hopefully a brain full of quilting knowledge.

I've been a bit slow posting all of my latest activities.  Both Mr. Joe and I have a bad head cold.  Mine has taken up residence in my chest.  I couldn't attend my Sew'n Wild Oaks class on Tuesday.  I don't think I have missed a class in the last 9 years!  I missed spending a fun day with "my girls".  I hope to be up and functional soon, and have my normal voice return.  Right now I'm doing my best impersonation of a lusty Lauren Bacall in between bouts of coughing.

We have a fire going in the wood-burning stove on this wonderful raining day in the mountains.  It sounds like we are going to be in for a barn burner of a rainstorm tonight.  It's going to be cozy inside while listening to the torrential rain.

I haven't been doing too much sewing.  When I feel like it, I've been working on my Etsy site.  I'll be migrating all of my patterns to the site under the name of Sew'n Wild Oaks Designs.  I get so many emails from quilters who want to buy my patterns, now it will be much easier for them......and me.  It takes me awhile to load in all of the pictures of each quilt and the pertinent information.  My goal is to add one or two patterns per day.  First I had to figure out how to set everything up.  When you have been popping tons of cold medications, your brain isn't always hitting on all cylinders.  I think I finally have this figured out and my storefront is ready for business.

Enjoy your day and the weather in your neck of the woods.  My neck of the woods is pretty soggy, which is just fine with me.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Annie's Star Quilt Show in Chico

Hello Everyone,
I'm so far behind with my posts!  It's been almost a week since I've logged on my blog.  I'll be backtracking a bit over the next few days to get you, (and me) caught up.
The following mini quilt show is brought to you by the Annie's Star quilt guild.  There were over 250 quilts in the show the first weekend in November. 
This quilt was made by my friend Jo.  The ribbon you see is Best of Show!  Jo took my Patchwork Math class a couple of years ago, and she applied the formulas to the different components in this quilt.  Well done Jo! This picture doesn't hold a candle to the quilt.  It was spectacular and well deserving of the ribbons.

One very lucky person won the guild's opportunity quilt.  Gorgeous!

The challenge was a tree.  There were all different seasons of trees represented.  They were all so different and inspiring.

Beth also took the Patchwork Math class and applied the formula to make the components in the border. 

Applique was well represented in the show.

After a flurry of road trips, it has been delightful to be home in the mountains.  We've been stacking wood, raking pine needles, and preparing for winter.  The sky has been crystal blue with crisp mountain air.

In the morning when Mazey and I go for a walk, she explores all of the scents of the animals that passed through in the night.  I think of it as her time to "read" the morning paper with her nose.  If she could only talk, and tell me all about it.  The bears seem to be quieting down for the approaching winter.  There haven't been nearly as many sightings as there were throughout the summer.  The little chickarees or pine squirrels have been so busy at the bird feeder.  They must have a million nuts stored away for the winter.

Time for me to begin my day.  I've been gone for so long, the emails, and paperwork is really stacking up, just like our woodpile.  More pictures tomorrow of the Grass Valley lecture and workshop.



Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Annie's Star Quilt Show in Chico

Hello Everyone,
I only have time for a quick post this morning.  Here are some pictures of my booth at the quilt show in Chico.
It was a great show with over 260 quilts.

The guild members were so attentive to all of the vendors.  Coffee and treats in the morning, and throughout the day the goody basket would pass by.

I demonstrated Patchwork Math until I could no longer speak.

Gail and I met many wonderful quilters.  We have a great time chatting with all of you.  I am always amazed and very humbled when quilters tell me they drove 100 miles to come meet me.  You have no idea the profound sense of gratitude I feel when I hear your words. 

Grammy Squares was the big hit in my booth.  There seems to be a real resurgence making hexagons.

I had a huge space that I have no trouble filling to the brim.

 All of my little props take up so much room in the car, but they add so much to the booth.

We drove home yesterday, Monday.  We unpacked the cars, then repacked the quilts and a few things to take with us to the Pine Tree Quilt Guild in Grass Valley.  I'm speaking tonight, then doing a Patchwork Math workshop on Wednesday.  Then guess what folks, I'm done traveling for the rest of the year!  I'm staying home to reconnect with Mr. Joe, visit with the kids, and work on my quilting projects, and deck the halls for the Holidays.  Home Sweet Home until the travel begins again in January. 

I'll post quilt show pictures on Thursday, after my nap.  I have so much to share with you of my travels over the past few days.  New quilts shops, and new opportunities for me to expand into other regions of the state.  It is all good.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

An Enjoyable Day

Hello Everyone,
After all of the shows, retreats, lectures, and workshops over the past few weeks, I was past due for a break.  Yesterday was Mr. Joe's significant birthday, (in this age group, every birthday is significant!)  We loaded Mazey in the car and headed over Ebbetts Pass into Nevada.  The cottonwoods were decked out in spectacular color.

This photo was taken in Gardnerville, NV.  The mountains you see are the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada range.

We went to the little town of Genoa. Their claim to fame is that it was the first settlement in Nevada.

You really get the feeling of stepping back in time in this little town.

We love to go antiquing and wouldn't you know, the antiques shops were both closed!

Looks like pebble quilting to me!

We went to our favorite place to eat in Genoa, Cottonwood Cottage, and they were closed too!  We ended up in the little general store with all of the locals.  The locals were so local, a cowboy came in wearing spurs!  I was looking for his horse but didn't see it.  How can you drive a car with spurs on?

This made us chuckle.  Happy Halloween.

The rest of the week I'll be preparing for the Annie's Star Quilt Show in Chico, CA this weekend.  I'm busy cutting and rolling fat eighth and fat quarter bundles.  I have to print some more patterns and get them ready.  Luckily I can send a job to the printer and keep on cutting.  I love multi-tasking.

This is a view of the dogwood from our deck.  By this weekend, the leaves will be gone as it is supposed to starting raining and snowing in the next few days.  It couldn't come sooner for me as that marks the end of fire season. 

No hooky for me today.  It will all be work, work, work.


P.S.  Morning chuckle.  We live by Ebbetts Pass.  We get our propane from Ebbetts Pass Gas. I laugh every month when I make out my check for our propane.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Retreat Withdrawls

Hello Everyone,
Here are the "retreaters" in all of their glory on the last day of the Sew'n Wild Oaks retreat.  I miss these ladies, their companionship, and the laughter that continued for days!

I miss seeing their beautiful works of art.

I miss seeing their fabric selections.

I miss seeing their creativity.

I miss chatting with them each and every day.

I miss their sense of humor.

I miss the endless buzzing of their machines.

I miss the delicious food.

I miss the ladies who stayed with me at my cabin and our marathon slumber party.  We laughed until the tears were streaming down our checks as we talked well into the evening.  Then the talk and laughter resumed at the dining room table every morning.

I miss the beautiful Autumn weather and the setting of Snowflake Lodge.  We were surrounded by beauty inside and out.
I miss you all and thank you all for making this retreat so special.  I really miss the "chorus line" with those ladies who could really bust a move, and make Elvis proud.  If I muster up the courage, I will post a picture with a disclaimer that their names are to remain anonymous for eternity.

Love you all to the moon and back.